reach_and_washWelcome to Elite Window Cleaning, we maintain a large number of commercial properties such as Offices, Retail Parks, Restaurants, Pubs,Schools and Manor Houses. We have developed an faultless reputation for providing superior quality commercial cleaning services at a cost effective price. Simply give us a call and we will arrange a suitable time to have a good look round, this enables us to give you an exact quote and also helps to devise a specific cleaning plan which suits your requirements.

Our window cleaning team are extensively trained. We are fully insured to provide all types of commercial window cleaning services, including ladders and water fed pole window cleaning.

Why use pole systems?

  • Create a safer working environment for our team and the general public.
  • Higher than ladders (up to 25m waterfed poles)
  • Faster than window cleaning using ladders for commercial properties.
  • Enables us to reach previously inaccessible windows
  • Environmentally-friendly using only Pure Water
  • The finished result using Pure Water is perfectly crystal clear, smear-free glass

Using Ladders

Elite Window Cleaning use ladders in circumstances where other means of access or Pole Systems are not suitable.